Dental Implants
Dental implants are an excellent way to replace missing teeth, especially when the tooth that needs replacement is visible to others. The front area of the mouth is called the esthetic zone because any missing teeth in this area are very noticeable to others and can change your appearance.

While this is a very important area for both aesthetic and health reasons, it can also be one of the most difficult parts of the mouth to perform a tooth replacement. There is a small chance of dental implant failure in this area of the jaw. Therefore, special care must be taken when choosing your surgeon and planning to perform this procedure.

Factors of Care
At Maxillovendôme, we begin with a thorough examination of the area, including bone and gum health. Even the patient’s overall facial and oral health must be considered. A complete medical history can help your oral surgeon prepare a treatment plan that will give your implants the best chance to be successful.

Oral Health
Bone health is important since the jaw bone is the anchor for an implant. Without a healthy bone structure that can handle the procedure, an implant can lead to severe problems, including complete failure of the implant. Therefore, your jaw bone health will be carefully examined and evaluated before any procedure will be scheduled.

Gum health plays a part for several reasons, including the fact that unhealthy gums can lead to problems with completing a successful implant procedure. Also, your gums must be evaluated to determine exactly what methods and materials should be used in your case to ensure the best outcome.

Over time, gums can recede from the implant, leaving a different problem that can be more difficult to solve. The chance of this occurring can be minimized with proper planning.

Also, if incorrect materials are used, they can show through the gums. While the implant may be successful, this can still lead to a different esthetic issue. Your gums can start to look unhealthy, and the improper material will affect the coloration of your implant.

Another feature that must be considered is your oral hygiene; in other words, do you take care of your teeth properly? Some are surprised that this can affect a dental implant procedure, but how well you take care of your teeth can have an impact on the success rate of an implant, especially in the esthetic zone.

All of these problems can be accounted for in your treatment plan after a complete examination. There is no “one size fits all” dental implant procedure, especially in the esthetic zone. Good care must be taken when performing the procedure in this area because any problems that develop can become an issue in years to come.

This may seem like an overly lengthy procedure to be conducted before your dental implants can be placed, but with the esthetic zone being the most difficult location in your mouth for this procedure, the old expression “you can’t be too careful” definitely applies.