Dr Timothy Head

Tribute to Dr. Timothy Head

A man whom we knew as a ” Leader, a colleague, a friend and a boss” passed away on Friday, March 22, 2013. A tragedy like no other hit that day ending the life of a well-respected man, Dr. Timothy W.Head. A man of wisdom, a man of respect and honour who lost his life at age 64 will never be forgotten.

Dr.Timothy Head was a leader in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He was a man that no matter the day, rain or shine always brought positive energy to his workplace. From morning meetings to emergencies, to long and complicated surgeries Dr. T. Head never showed his team a moment of weakness. He was always the man that could. He was always the man that despite the long days cracked a joke or just a smile to reassure the team that he was a happy fellow.

Dr. Timothy Head was the kind of man who would turn to you and say, “Life is too short…enjoy!” well, he enjoyed his life alright. From helicopters, skiing to fishing, days at his farm in Mansonville to days of cycling and exercising at the gym, Dr. Head did it all. He brought his energy with him everywhere he went. He had the gift of leaving people with smiles on their faces. Patients, friends, employees, everyone around him knew that he was good at what he did. He was trusted and well-known in the dental community. Dr. Head changed lives without having been anything more than simply a good man. A man that was no different than the rest. A man that didn’t feel the need to be anything but honest with his peers, a man who didn’t call in sick when a bad cold struck or needed a day off. Dr. Head gave his staff a reason to love their job. He gave them encouragement. “Good job today,” he would say as he tapped you on the shoulder. A hard day at work never went unnoticed to Dr. Head.

No words can describe how great of a man Dr.Timothy Head was. No tears can bring a man considered a legend back. Dr. Head, if there was one thing the Maxillovendome team would want you to know: it is that you touched each and every one of us in so many ways. You have inspired us to love our life for what it is and enjoy every minute of it. You have brought this family closer than ever and you have left two phenomenal doctors, Dr. Emery and Dr. El-Hakim to continue on with your legacy here at this home you helped build “MAXILLOVENDOME.”

Dr. Head may you look down upon us and smile for you will never be forgotten!