Dr. Richard Emery

Tribute to Dr. Richard Emery

September 6, 2017, a great man passed away.

It is an honor to write Dr. Richard Emery tribute, a friend, colleague, surgeon, scholar, mentor, husband, father, and son. In whatever role we knew him, from whatever vantage point, he stood apart as remarkable person.

Dr. Emery’s many awards and public recognition reveal that he was a distinguished career of considerable import. He was a pillar of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery program at McGill University. He was a great surgeon and was involved at different levels in organized dentistry amongst others, he was president of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada and Secretary-treasurer of the CAOMS foundation.

He was highly regarded as a dedicated educator, professional role model and clinician in our field, and has influenced the careers of many individuals and the lives of countless patients. Many will bear witness to the fact that despite his quiet and calm demeanor, he was a hilarious orator, he would always rise to the occasion and treat us to his side-splitting humor. He was the type of person one would never hesitate to call on for advice regarding administrative, professional challenges or personal matters. In addition to his devotion to his work and to the improvement of education locally and globally, Dr. Emery always found time for his colleagues, his friends, and his family, his wife Laurie, and his three children, Tess, Ryan, and Matthew.

It was a privilege for us to have been a part of Dr. Emery’s life. Although much too short, his, was a life well lived! Dr. Emery a caring and beloved family man, a cherished colleague, a surgeon, and friend will be missed by many, but never will he be forgotten by those who were fortunate enough to have known him!

We thank his family for having shared him with us during his productive and meaningful career. He will be forever in our mind.

Many thanks, Dr.Emery. You are now two who are looking down upon us and smile!

In remembrance of Dr. John Richard Emery 1952-2017