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Facial Trauma

Facial Trauma

In the unfortunate event of trauma to the face or jaw, there are various procedures available to repair fractures of the facial bones as well as reconstruct the facial skeleton. Our surgeons are highly skilled in the area of reconstructive surgery and can replace the bones in their position as to maintain a natural appearance. They routinely treat patients in the emergency room at the McGill University Health Center and Honoré-Mercier Hospital.

What is a facial trauma?

Facial trauma is when an injury occurs to the face which can include soft tissues and bone injuries. It can affect the following areas of the face: the neck, jaw, teeth, nose, sinuses, eye socket, skin and underlying skeleton.

What are the causes of facial trauma injuries?

Several facial trauma injuries are caused by accidental falls, work-related or sport-related activities, car and motorcycle accidents and interpersonal conflict. In Montreal cycling accidents are also a common cause of facial trauma.

How can facial trauma be prevented?

There are many ways to prevent facial trauma; for example, always wearing your seat belt while driving, using a reliable and secure helmet while cycling, motorcycling and playing contact sports and using a mouth guard while playing contact sports. Following traffic laws while driving or cycling can also prevent accidents and resulting facial trauma.

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