IV Sedation is a popular way to manage anxiety and pain during dental procedures. It’s also the safest option for most patients, especially those who have difficulty staying still or keeping their mouths open.

IV Sedation is Safer than other Methods

IV Sedation is a safe, common practice in dentistry. It is used for longer procedures that require more time, such as dental implants or wisdom teeth removal. With IV Sedation, you are not fully asleep while the procedure is being performed, so there’s no stress involved at all. You will enter and stay under with minimal movement or awareness of what is happening to your mouth or body until you are fully conscious after the treatment has been completed.

IV sedation can be controlled by your surgeon or nurse so that if you feel uncomfortable or even start to panic, they can put you back into a state of low consciousness immediately. You will still be conscious, however much more subdued in your ability to sense and react to external sensation. This makes IV sedative much safer than other methods, because it allows doctors to control how deeply sedated patients are throughout the treatment process without risking side effects from an overdose

It’s Particularly Good for Longer Procedures

If you are looking for a way to make your next dental appointment more comfortable, look no further than sedation dentistry. IV sedation is a great choice for patients who have difficulty sitting still for long periods of time, or who have medical issues. 

It’s also an excellent option for those who are anxious going to the dentist at all. If this sounds like you, then please give us a call! We would be happy to talk with you about what we can do together so that you can feel more relaxed during your next visit.

Patients get Rapid Relief from Pain

IV Sedation is a great way to relieve patient discomfort and pain. Patients who have IV sedation during dental procedures enjoy the same care, attention, and comfort as those who opt for local anesthesia.

For many people, the thought of going to the dentist is enough to cause anxiety and dread. This anxiety can make it difficult for them to relax in the chair—and that leads directly to more discomfort because they’re not giving their body permission to relax during treatment.

You can Control the Patient’s Level of Consciousness

Another important benefit of IV sedation is that you can control the patient’s level of consciousness. While you’re working on their teeth, they might be awake or in a twilight state between waking and sleeping. The surgeon or the nurse can administer sedatives and painkillers in a controlled manner to achieve the desired level of sedation. This allows him or her to keep track of how much pain medication is needed and how much time has passed since the last dose was administered. He or she will also be aware of any changes in vital signs such as blood pressure and heart rate as well as changes in response to treatment (such as increased emotional sensitivity).

Some Dental Problems Can Be Taken Care of in One Appointment

You may have heard that some dental problems can be taken care of in one appointment. While this is true for many procedures, it isn’t always easy to work around a patient’s schedule. IV sedation can be used for longer procedures and multiple appointments because it allows you to rest comfortably throughout the whole treatment. You won’t need any time off from work or school, which means fewer missed days of productivity!

IV sedation has also been shown to improve comfort levels during dental visits. This can make patients feel more at ease when they come back for additional appointments because they won’t worry about what’s waiting for them at the end of their appointment—the IV will keep them calm and relaxed throughout the entire visit!