Temporomandibular Joint

What is a TMJ disorder?

Temporomandibular Joint disorders are also known as TMJ disorders. The TMJ is an articulation that connects the lower jaw to the skull. Once an abnormality or malformation affects the articular disc, the bone or the muscles of mastication a TMJ disorder can result.

What causes TMJ disorder?

The causes of TMJ disorder include facial trauma, arthritis, osteoarthritis, a joint malformation, loss of teeth, displaced jaw discs, teeth grinding and clenching, and stress.

What are TMJ disorder symptoms and signs?

TMJ disorder can present as:

  • Pain of the jaw or surrounding tissues
  • Limited mouth opening
  • Difficulty and pain on chewing
  • Clicking and abnormal joint sound on opening and closing of the mouth

What are the treatments for TMJ disorder?

The first line of treatment to temporomandibular disorders often involves medications, management of occlusion, warm and cold compress applications, dental appliances and physical therapy.

In certain cases, surgical treatment can also help you treat TMJ disorders such as; Botox injections in the sore spots, TMJ injection, TMJ lavage or in severe cases total joint replacement.

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