Financial Policy / Information

Financial options are discussed during the initial visit. Our doctors and staff are committed to providing excellent care and guide patients in choosing the best payment option for their individual needs. We are glad to announce that consultation fees will be deducted from your treatment plant at all our clinics.

We also accept Cash, Check, Interact, Visa and MasterCard.

Payment Options

Prepayment Courtesy

A pre-payment courtesy of 2% will be subtracted from the total obligation if the entire treatment plan is paid in full by cash, cheque or debit (Interac) at least 48 hours before the start of treatment.

Credit Card Selections
You may choose from any of the following (including a combination thereof)

3 Part Payment (for treatments in excess of $500)

With this option, after an initial down-payment of 50%, you will make another payment of 25% one month later and the 25% balance another month later. Payments will be made with personal post-dated cheques, given on the day of your intervention. It is also possible to leave a credit card number on file and have these payments taken automatically.
We are happy to offer this interest-free option for increased convenience!

Easy steps to apply for DentoPlan financing

With fast approval from a third-party finance company, your payments can be very low. DentoPlan specializes in helping patients obtain the treatment that they need. We will help you process the necessary information.

Dental/Medical Insurance

As a specialized clinic, we unfortunately do not cover insurance. Before your appointment with us, it’s essential to have as much information as possible, so please consider all the charges included in your insurance. We encourage you to contact your insurer in order to be fully aware of the coverage and limits of your insurance policy regarding benefits paid.

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