Tribute to Dr. Timothy Head

A man we knew as “a leader, colleague, friend and boss” passed away on Friday March 22, 2013. A tragedy like no other took the life of a respected and admired man, Dr Timothy W.Head. A man of wisdom, respect and integrity who lost his life at 64, but who will never be forgotten.

Dr. Timothy Head was a leader in oral and maxillofacial surgery. He was the kind of man who, rain or shine, brought positive energy to his workplace. From morning encounters to end-of-day emergencies, to complex and demanding surgeries, Dr. Head has always shown himself to be up to the challenge before him. He was still the man who was capable. Despite an exhausting day, he knew how to place a good joke or smile at the right time and he thus reassured his team.

Dr. Timothy Head was the kind of person who would turn to you and cheerfully say, “Life is too short…enjoy it!” And he enjoyed his life. Whether it was hurtling down the slopes in a ski-helicopter, fishing, enjoying his days at his farm in Mansonville, or even on his bike rides, or his training, Dr. Head was there. He brought this energy with him wherever he went. He had a knack for leaving smiles in his wake. His patients, friends, employees, all had confidence in what he was doing and in his competence. He was well known and admired in the dental community. Dr. Head was changing lives by being nothing but a good man. A man who only felt the need to be honest with his peers, a man who braved the seasonal flu or Monday sickness to be constantly available professionally. He gave his team multiple reasons to love working with him. He encouraged them, patted them on the back and said, “Nice work today! He was not one to take his employees’ efforts for granted.

It’s hard to find words to describe our feelings for the kind of person that Dr. Timothy Head was. No tears can bring this legend back. Dr Head, if there’s one thing the Maxillovendôme team wants you to know, it’s that you’ve had a profound impact on each of us in unique ways. You have inspired us to actively participate in the creation of our life and to love it. You have contributed to creating and growing this team, and leave us three phenomenal surgeons, Drs El-Hakim, Kontaxis and Morais to continue in this line of excellence that you have called Maxillovendôme.

We want you to look at us with a smile wherever you are, because you will always be remembered.

Remembering Dr. Timothy Head 1948-2013

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