Missing teeth are very problematic not just for your mouth but for your overall health and this is an issue that needs to be addressed. Tooth loss is quite common so there is no reason to feel embarrassed and there are solutions including dental implants and dentures, both of which can help keep your mouth healthy. There are advantages and disadvantages to each option so you have to weigh this information to make an informed decision. 


This tooth replacement option is removable and comes in either a full or partial set and individuals who are missing sets of teeth will often select this option. In terms of appearance, dentures have come a long way and look very natural so you won’t have to worry about this aspect as the appearance of your smile will be very presentable. Cost is a very big factor when it comes to tooth replacement options and dentures are more affordable than dental implants so those who are on a budget can consider this option. 

Dentures provide patients with the freedom to remove them throughout the day for any reason and are ideal for those with a weak or unhealthy jaw although they need to be secured with an adhesive otherwise dentures can slip out of place when you are eating or talking. It’s also possible for dentures to lead to infection or tooth decay if they are not fitted properly so you have to be aware of this information. Finally, dentures will have to be cleaned regularly and if you ever notice signs of significant wear, your dentures will have to be replaced. 

dental implants

This is a permanent tooth replacement option that is very popular because of the many benefits they provide. Dental implants look and feel just like natural teeth so you will not have any problems when chewing, laughing or talking and if you care for your implants properly, they will last a very long time. You will never have to worry about a dental implant falling out and will be able to attend social gatherings with peace of mind. 

Dental implants do cost more, however they are easier to maintain and you will have to brush and floss as you normally would to prevent cavities and other issues. Dental implants also tend to look more natural than dentures and you will feel as though you have all of your natural teeth in place. 

It’s always best to discuss these options with your dentist and oral surgeons at Maxillovendome, they will help you make the best decision. We specialize in wisdom teeth removal, jaw surgery, maxillofacial surgery, bone graft, dental implants and more so you can place your trust in our team. Our oral surgeons are highly skilled when it comes to dental and zygomatic implants and we are experts when it comes to bone graft and tooth extractions. We can help you with your oral and maxillofacial surgery and corrective jaw surgery so if you are looking for an oral surgeon near me in Montreal, contact us today!