Why should I go to a specialist for dental implants?
An oral and maxillofacial surgeon is a type of doctor that specializes in dental implants. Why should you go to one?

There are many benefits of using a specialist versus your regular dentist. Unlike your dentist, they can help assist you through complex processes and avoid any complications. We want to inform you why you should see a specialist and list how they can help you, so here are five different reasons to see one.

Extensive training
Oral and maxillofacial surgeons have extensive training which helps them have a better understanding of dental implants. While dentists do have the training, it’s not as extensive as oral surgeons’ courses. They have from 4 to 6 additional years of residency training after they get their dental degree which goes more in-depth to the entire mouth and dental implant process. They train on both pre-and post-surgery methods to help avoid complications, heal you faster, and prevent any issues associated with dental implant surgery.

Avoid complications
Avoiding complications is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon specialty. Because they are highly trained, they will be able to perform dental implant surgery with very low risks of complications. They take extreme measures to find out if your mouth has any predetermined risks that may make the procedure more complicated. They can also give you better advice if implants are the best solution for you.

Help find dental implants
We find that many patients tend to steer away from dental implants because they think they are not qualified for them. However, at Maxillovendôme we provide medical reasoning to why you need the implants. This way, you can get the help that you need. The process is simple, all we will need to do is give you some necessary screening procedures. A professional can help identify and explain to you why you need dental implants.

High success rates
While there are very minimal risks associated with dental implants, you can never be too sure. In most cases, we see that problems often go wrong afterward rather than during the surgery. However, there are some cases where the implants aren’t correctly placed, leading the patient to feel discomfort or see swelling. Our team will know how to perfectly position your dental implants so that you won’t see any issues after surgery.

Effective pre and post-surgery
As we’ve mentioned, seeing a specialist can help make the pre-and post-surgery go much smoother. They have vast knowledge about the entire process and will make the entire transition much more comfortable and smoother for you. If you need extractions, bone graft or sinus lift before the implants, our professionals can guide you on what your options will be.

The verdict
At Maxillovendôme, our team is highly qualified professionals who have a deep understanding of the associated risks, care, and procedure of receiving implants. Their extensive knowledge allows them to make accurate assessments on making all aspects of the operation easier on you. They will be able to determine if implants are right for you or if there’s a better method.